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A/C sloww leaving Runwy

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Aircraft landing on 26R are extremely slow vacating the runway & T/way A9. They slow down well before the turnoff & crawl to the taxiway. This makes it difficult for A/C following closely. In reality as this is a high speed turnoff it would be customary for the landing aircraft to maintain a suitable speed to allow a relatively fast exit from the runway. Can something be done to fix this. I believe it has been highlighted before but I don't know if it is in the fixit list.

Kev M

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As they say the development for Tower!3D is complete, I guess, this is something for the wishlist for the next version.

I suppose this would mean a major redesign from aircraft-based params like deceleration factors and such to combining it with precalculated offsets (like setting the landing point to or starting the deceleration at a position after touchdown which would suit to the nearest exit) or adjusting the deceleration to a "softer" braking process that lets the aircraft roll off the runway at exactly the allowed exit speed). It's not that easy to do, and they'd also need the specs for every designated exit to calculate.
I myself had to design offsets for a virtual wheel of fortune - it's not as easy as it may look.

And, let's be honest, that is work time for an improvement that needs to be paid for - which I will gladly do as long as the improvements excel the annual "improvements" of EA's FIFA series... ;-) Demanding obvious bugs in the product to be fixed is fine, major product design changes - even if they fix weaknesses - are something for the next version. As a compromise, I think, increasing the distances between approaching aircraft by 15 to 30 percent might be a quick fix for the devs. Not five miles, but six after a CRJ; not seven, but 8.5 miles after a 747. Not pretty, but acceptable...
And sometimes in software development you stumble over problems that simply don't appear when you test it. This problem is one that probably didn't show with the default airfields and before the fixes we already had since then had been issued. Personally, I'm kind of foregiving with this kind of "beta-testing by customer". That's what happens when you buy a rather cheap product from indie developers. They compensate by reacting to issues. The big boys in the business, however, can be expected to extensively beta-test their product inhouse, and when they f- up I'm f-ing pissed...

(So much for the excursion on indie vs. industrial software developers, product pricing differences, and customer's morale... *g*)

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Hello gentlemen, 

This issue has already been mentioned and discussed before. We will see what we can do about it. However, it is possible this will make the next version of Tower. 

Thank you!


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