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Distance arc displaced/wrong distance (answered)

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When I descend in FSC 10 the distance arc shows beyond the actual FL that will be reached (shows a slower descent than the actual descent rate). I experienced the same thing with the 9.8 version of FSC, which made me go back and reinstall FSC 9.6 rev 8. This version showed the distance arc correctly. Now I took my chances with version 10. Can Volker explain this, and is there a way to fix it?

I do'nt fly PMDG.


Tommy Engman FSX-SE, FSC 10.0.5. FSCDB AMD FX4300 GeForce GTX660

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Hello Tommy,

I can't verify your problem.
See attached screenshots)
Versions 9.x and 10.x connected in parallel mode.
current altitude 14,400 ft - Sink rate 1000ft
Target Altitude 10,000 ft - Distance 22.3 nm ETA 00:05 minutes
The rate of descent display is never displayed on the ARC.





FSCommander 9.x. ---------------------------------  FSCommander 10.x

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Thank you.

Obviously it is not the program that causes my problem. What happens is that the arc shows beyond the target altitude/point and so I reach my target altitude earlier than the FSC distance arc visualizes. I suppose I will have to live with this or reinstall the earlier version that worked for me.


Thanks again.


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Frankly I never changed those settings at all in neither version of the FSC.

Now that I (this morning) uninstalled FSC10 and reinstalled 9.6 rev 8 I look in the Miscellanous settings and there "Distance Arc > TOC TOD LVL based on Altitude setting" is ticked. Never checked if that changed automatically when installing FSC10.

To claryfie what happens in the installs after 9.6 rev 8: When starting a climb or descent the arc is misplaced farther away than the actual point of reaching the set altitude. When coming closer to the set altitude and the aircraft starts to level off the arc moves fast still farther away from the set altitude point and aircraft until it disappears out of the FSC application frame. 

However, I am happy with this older version and I don't know what I am missing in the latest.

Thanks for your time.

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