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Object placing by code in sim

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Hi, i just would like to know if it's possible to place objects into some specific coordinates of the sim by using codes.


Here is what i am up to : We have built a helicopter virtual airline which uses a flight recorder coded by vb and the program runs on Paul's marvellous client. When the program is run, i want it place an object such as a car, a human, a burning ship etc. to a coordinate, the limits specified on a database, so that the helicopter pilot is given a mission to locate the burning ship, or land within the proximity of the car, human etc.

I hope i am clear enough about what we want to create. Has anyone tried something like that? Or anybody just light me up with a very small idea, and i will go after it by myself. 

Currently, our recorder program can create random missions to go from some airport to another, or best, it tells you to land at a town or village which doesnt have any airports, the landing points are taken from a large database of our website. So we are pursuing a different adventure. I will appreciate any help.

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It's not possible with FSUIPC and so it's not possible with my DLL either.

It might be possible using SimConnect but I don't know much about that. It might also depend on the sim you are using. e.g. P3D has many more SimConnect features than FSX.

You mentioned VB which is not the best language to use for SimConnect. There are wrappers for .NET but all the documentation is in C# and even that is very poor.

If you don't get any other responses here, you could try asking in SimConnect forums or P3D developer forums, or maybe Scenery Developer forums. People there will have more knowledge of what is possible for scenery objects.


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