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Hot Keys in STB Client

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One of the main focuses of update 4.2.2018.13500 was to roll out a more comprehensive support for hotkeys.  During development of the flyby observer, I liked the ability to zoom the observer in and out and switch the side of the AI aircraft the observer is looking at using hotkeys rather than having to dig into the right click context menu.  There will always be a role for the context menu, but the comprehensive coverage it provides can make it a little harder to do common things quickly.

The hot key facility means you can map your function keys (F1 through F12) to common STB commands.  The configuration is done through the commands tab of the Settings Notebook:


Hopefully the names of the commands are self explanatory.  Simply press one of the keys and STB will perform the appropriate command.  Of course you still need to select a flight by clicking before pressing the HotKey so STB knows which flight you are interested in.  In the Arrivals/Departures split screen, you can select two flights at the same time, so a hotkey is always applied to whichever flight you selected last.  Remember to ensure STB has windows focus when pressing the hotkey, it's easy to have Prepar3D as the active window instead!

Here's the complete list of commands available now:


I may add a few more if there's a demand for it.



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