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Thanks for the links fellas!  I find it strange that a FeelThere product is not on the FeelThere website.  Particularly as Vic recently wrote that KMCO was waiting for the FeelThere website to be updated. 

Is this a case of different departments/people doing different things in an uncoordinated fashion?

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Our new host turned on some aggressive caching but now it's solved. Please hit F5 once to refresh the page and from now it should not do that anymore.
If it still does with some new products please get back to me. We tested the site for so many days but obviously the real test just happened with the release of the new products. It's almost impossible to test it thoroughly in house but I hope this will bt the only issue with the new home of feelThere.com :)

Thank you




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17 hours ago, FeelThere said:

Personally I believe this is the best looking airport so far.
It has 3 height levels and the planes can taxi over water (I believe I was able to capture it on one of the screenshots).

Thank you





I agree.  This one is really attractive.  I love how much color there is.  The building details are also some of the best you have done to date.  The taxiway bridges over water on E and F are gorgeous. What is really cool is that they happen to be so close to the tower so that the player gets a great view of them.   Beyond that, I love the way you positioned the action cameras in this add-on.  Even if the action camera was not such a great success overall, with some extra effort, it is now obvious that it can be both useful and enjoyable.  Thank you VIc.  You and your team should be really proud of this one! 

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FeelThere, I hate you.

Why can't you publish new airports on mondays? As soon as I come home, I'll make purchase and payment, but unfortunately there's going to be a weekend. Not only a weekend, a prolonged weekend with monday as national holiday. This means: Also a bank holiday. So BMT won't be able to ship my licences as early as wednesday, if I'm lucky (no credit card, no paypal, no paysafecard, no bitcoins, no steam, just plain bank transfer).

I don't like to wait...

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