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What works with UTLive in P3dv4

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I am a long time fan of STB. Recently moved up to P3Dv4 and I found out that UTlive was at the moment the best option for AI-traffic. Waiting for JF Traffic Global to get ready.

 However, I read about the limitations of STB with UTLive, but I haven’t found any information about which functions DO work.

 I mainly use STB for the approach separation feature, does that work with UTLive? What other functions work?

 If the approach separation works I will go ahead and buy the P3dv4 update, but if it doesn’t work with UTlive I better wait for Traffic Global.

 Best regards

 Jan Jönsson

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The easy answer is everything else works as far as I know.  I don't have UTLive, but that's based on feedback from other customers and analysis of using STB with UT2 without toggle transmissions.  

1) Attached is my current list of items that I know have problems with UTLive and other external scheduled traffic (except UT2).  I will update this document if any new information becomes available.

2) To answer your question specifically.  Approach separation still works in so far as it deletes conflicts, but it does not recreate replacement aircraft at the gate.  We don't recreate because we don't have any schedule information to know what to do with a recreation, and UTLive will probably just recreate that aircraft anyway near it's departure time (which if we did take action would mean duplication)


STB Limitations when used with an external AI scheduling engine.docx

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