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Tower!3D Pro - EDDM - Tug issue


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I found some issues with tugs at EDDM, especially at the apron on Terminal2_LH (at O3). There were tugs missing, resulting in aircraft not being able to be pushed. I'm not sure whether there haven't been tugs at all or whether they just disappeared after a prior aircraft was pushed. One tug also is/got missing on the terminal side at O3.

Another issue is the middle gate at Terminal_1C (gate 163) where the tug just goes spinning 360s around the nose wheel like a dog chasing its tail.

Oh, and the tug on the outer left gate at Terminal_1B (gate 141) couldn't lock into the gear leading to the aircraft also not being able to be pushed (unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot). This happened with a S7 Airlines jet.





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@nyergesdesign Hey, Gabor, I've got another thing I'd like to add to the bug list for EDDM. I just saw it while playing for one and a half hour. There's an issue with the routes from the gates to the runway. (Note: I play with my own schedule, but that should not be a factor)

I issued pushback for DLH1800 from the dysfunctional middle gate on the terminal side at O3. However, the route that was calculated led from the gate next door (and not from where the plane actually stood) to the runway. This could also be seen happening at some other gates at W2, for example the gate second closest to N (in this case: LGL9732 kept circling looking for a point to dock onto the route, as it seems). This also in an earlier session sent a Croatia DH4 backwards across runway 8R/26L from a stand at W2 around D3 while "pushing back", which unfortunately I didn't catch with screenshot and game log.

Screenshots and game log attached.



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