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KPHL airport due some (brotherly) love (please?)


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Food for thought on vacation Vic:

Changes to existing game mechanics that are a MUST IMO:

1. Smoother transition from arrival glide-path (air) movement to landing animation (halt/jerkiness issue) and ensuing (ground) taxiing and its appearance in-game.

2. Parameter in-game to calculate first available exit taxiway for arrivals; and- higher allowable taxi speeds from touchdown to braking zone for said exit taxiway. i.e., A/C are slowing down too quickly and clogging the runway for following A/C on final approach.

2A. Unrealistic mega-braking on runway and subsequent 90 degree turn into taxiway for exit. i.e., A/C are moving much too fast for possible exit in some cases.

3. Some way to avoid arrivals ignoring ATC orders to exit specific taxiway; in other words, keep aircraft from nose-to-nose results due to aforementioned ATC order rejection.

4. Elimination of tendency of arrivals to exit on Terminal side of runways, regardless of ATC orders.

5. Elimination of loophole of holding A/C at taxiway short of runway, then once Continue Taxi order is given, A/C ignores STOP at all runway rules.

6. Some way to inform ATC that due to weather conditions, Departures are not possible on Runway n, n1, n2, etc. I would also like to see a real-time change in this parameter when the closure is no longer in effect.

Some nice to have items:

7. The ultimate fix - A/C moving slow enough (taxiway speeds) have ability to stop short of objects in front of them, regardless of angle of approach.

8. A new ability to route A/C that are "stuck" with object in front of them manually in order to re-route taxiing A/C to terminal or runway without resorting to DELETE AIRCRAFT.


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Answer duly noted Vic, Thanks and enjoy Vacation.
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7 hours ago, FeelThere said:

When the time will come we'll open a wishlist topic for sure. We have an internal list and anything from the wishlist make sense and we can add it to the next version will likely make it.
Thank you for the good vacation wish 🙂


Thanks Vic, Have a pleasant holiday and recharge dude! 

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On 7/12/2018 at 11:32 AM, Pdubya said:

3. Some way to avoid arrivals ignoring ATC orders to exit specific taxiway; in other words, keep aircraft from nose-to-nose results due to aforementioned ATC order rejection.

Check out this video: https://youtu.be/2NxHOLYqsN8

This isn't a bug, it's reality. FeelThere got it right! Despite ATC instructions, pilots exit wherever they want! 🙂

Thanks to @pete_agreatguy for sharing this link on Tower_MP

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4 minutes ago, Pdubya said:

I think you'd have to prove it to me that it happens on a regular basis. Suppose I would counter with items 7 and 8 then. 😜


C'mon Paul - this was a joke  - no need to prove anything or counter. I'm not here to debate your items one way or the other ... I hope the forum doesn't stoop to that level.  Ultimately it is FeelThere's decision on what new features, improvements, etc. make the cut.  

The exciting part is that the next version will take the franchise to the next level and will not just be changes to existing game mechanics. I'm definitely Looking forward to what's next!

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14 hours ago, crbascott said:

Saw the tongue, not the wink. Darn reading glasses - sucks getting old! 😜

They are a bit small, aren't they?! Yep, getting old sucks. Boy, does it ever. Better than the stone cold alternative I suppose.

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