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Some pics from airports everywhere! (title changed)

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Your photoshop skills are amazing, its like you're actually holding a piece of paper, even though we know that couldnt possibly be true


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Is the cockpit shot from the "launch customer Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max-9 extended range, does loops and shoots down Airbuses" fleet while flying from Seattle to Anchorage because they are the only 2 worthwhile airports in the world?  🙂😉 


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I caught some nice ones at my home airport when runway 15/33 was closed for maintenance and all traffic relied on runway 05 (which is a pretty rare occurrance, especially for departures).
Unfortunately, my camera failed me when our Islamic guest took off: the Emirates 777 which will be replaced by our big baby, the A380, coming home for one of the two daily connections starting October 29. But my lense got some other fine aircraft...

I hate to admit it, @AirJamaica, but you've got the cooler Icelandair planes. We only get the bland 752...

But we have a cute "Europa-Park" A320 operated by Eurowings instead... (Europa-Park is an amusement park in southern Germany near the border triangle with France and Switzerland)

Rather unexciting: The Aeroflot A320.

But then again there's this cute Scandinavian ATR 72-600.

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Hamburg Airport, love it 🙂 When I flew from EDDH (quite often) I never saw any special liveries or maybe I did not look close enough 😄

But I once went from Hamburg to Dubai in the pretty 777! And from there onwards in the A380, really looking forward to having the Emirates A380 in Hamburg!

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Not really pics OF planes, but it's not every day you get to FL470.  The winds were nasty yesterday, my friends.  Only 99 knots yesterday up there....they were as high as 160+ knots during our climb to FL400.  Went way up to get us home.  I didn't fly this leg...I got the one going out with 160 knots straight on the tail!!  lol



My phone just did not do the sunset justice.  It was beautiful!  It's a bit wavy from distortion of the windscreen.



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11 minutes ago, hexzed said:

Did you strap on the rocket boosters?

Lol! Nah, just a slow climb. Very, very slow climb! Had to burn a bit of fuel off to get up there. 

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So, I was at my home airport HAM / EDDH yesterday. I even refused to listen to the web radio broadcast of my home team (Hamburger SV) playing against Aue. What was so special? Well, not this Speedbird A320neo (BAW965 from Heathrow / EGLL / LHR, registration G-TTNF) landing on runway 05.


And I couldn't help but notice there were service vehicles ("Verkehrsaufsicht" - "Traffic supervision") waiting at taxiway D1 short of the displaced portion of the runway. But why?


They were not waiting for this Air France A318 (AF1710 from Paris Charles de Gaulle / LFPG / CDG - registration F-GUGO).


And they weren't interested in this "hearty" Condor A321 (CFG1565 from Jerez de la Frontera / LEJR / XRY - D-AIAD) either.


But what was it? It was the next aircraft that appeared on the horizon over Niendorf. And it was the one that a dozen planespotters were waiting for on this Easter saturday. Tadaaaaa...


"Our" Airbus A380-842 from Emirates Airlines (A6-EUS). Flight UAE59, fresh from Dubai (OMDB / DXB) on its first afternoon rotation since the A388 started serving EDDH on October 29, 2018.


"Funny" fact (not so much for me, to be honest): When this gentle giant of the skies approached runway 05, three minutes before touchdown, it flew right over the arena where Hamburger SV (who have "Emirates" as their main sponsor on their chest!) was playing one of his key home matches - and just at that moment it flew over the roof of the stadium, HSV's goalie failed to do his job and allowed the opposition to score the lead, as if he way busy looking at the A388... I wish I was joking - but that really happened.


Right after the A380 passed, the two service vehicles entered the runway, like they always do after every landing and every takeoff of the A380 to check the runway for FOD before the next landing. So, effectively for this little, but to some Tower!3D players quite well-known little guy: The Vueling A320 (EC-MVN) coming from Barcelona (LEBL / BCN).


And, of course, for general aviation aircraft like this Piper PA-46-500TP (N308ST). I don't know where it came from, though. It might have been Mönchengladbach (EDLN / MGL) where it seems to be based.


Less exciting: Flight LH16, a A320neo (D-AIND) from Frankfurt (EDDF / FRA).


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