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Christian 87

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do I have to have both Tower 3D and Tower 3D Pro to play the simulation to have real airlines or can i delete Tower 3D and Just use Tower 3D pro also how do I update real traffice for tower 3D pro without haveing to buy a new code every time i just purchased a new code like maybe a few weeks ago 


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One or the other will be fine, one is focused on text only input and the other adds in the ability for voice comm. I only own the Pro version and it plays fine with the mods. 

To get updates for Real Traffic you can send an email to cservice@bmtmicro.com with your order information and they will send you a new download URL.

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17 minutes ago, hexzed said:

Or if you still have the download link, you can use that. The real traffic will auto update when a new airport comes out 🙂



I don't think I'd say Real Traffic "auto updates" when a new airport is released. Nyerges Design releases a new version which has to be manually downloaded and installed.

@Mike1960You can have both 3D and 3D Pro on your computer and you can install Real Traffic for both. Just make sure to save your download link for future updates. 


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A quick note for the newbies on Real Traffic (RT) updates. The older guys will know this.

When you update RT it updates the schedule files and terminal files for ALL the airports that you have installed. You loose any custom files that you have made. Most of us oldies, do have custom files of some description. There are 2 ways that you can use to get around this.

1. Move or rename any custom files to a safe area & put them back after the update or

2. Load the update to a remote area & manually move the schedule & terminal files for the new airport to the respective airport folder.

Also make sure that you keep a good records and backups of any files changed for future reference (title, date etc.). This might seem an overkill but you would be surprised how often you need to refer back to older files if problems arise. Also ALWAYS KEEP the download information for future reference. YOU WILL NEED IT! at some time.

Been caught before

Kev M

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@Christian 87, it does work. All you need to do is run the installer, enter your activation key, choose the applicable Tower product, and it will come up with the correct default installation path for you. 

If that doesn't work then you got something strange going on. But to get further help, as @hexzedsaid you'll need to provide some information (screenshots of folder structures for example) which you haven't done yet.

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