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Custom (REAL) Traffic #10 -- KLAS v2.0 -- Summer 2018 w/ Vegas Fight Night GA Fly-in

ATControl  -- Joe

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What's up everyone, 

My name is Joe.  Thanks for checking out my custom (REAL) traffic schedules. 

You can find me at ATControl --- YouTube Home playing this game.


  --- If you are using this in your games/videos/posts -- please make reference to ME as the owner (direct to YT channel)

**Be sure to check out all my prior custom schedules for KLAX v1.0, KLAS, KLGA, KPHL, KLAX v2.0, KBOS, KPHX, KJFK, & KMCO !  (links at the end of this post to all previous schedules)

CUSTOM SCHEDULE #10 -- FULL day KLAS v2.0 - Summer 2018 - featuring Vegas Fight Night GA Fly-in  (250+ GA Flights)!

If you do not have the files at all -OR- need the updated files, you can visit my Dropbox and pick them up. 

**Please check back for edits to these drop box files.  If edits are made, notations will appear below with the date the edit was made and what was changed**


((CURRENT GAME SCHEDULE -- 7/10/2018))

DROPBOX -- Vegas v2.0 Summer 2018 Custom Traffic



**** See the separate file for GA OPERATORS for quick reference*****

// Proper use of this CUSTOM schedule //

1.  ALWAYS make a folder on your computer, in an easy to find location, and COPY all files from both FEELTHERE folder
    and your source folder (ex. Steam Folder).  Schedules are in BOTH places and must be updated in BOTH places for it
    to work.  

2.  Once copied, Navigate to the airfields folder of BOTH tower folders.  Copy all files from the zip file (except the readME file) into the LAS folder.  All set!


Quick Links to Prior Custom (REAL) Traffic Schedules

KLAX #1 - v1.0      KLAS #2 -- v1.0     KPHL #3 -- v1.0     KLGA #4 - v1.0    KLAX #5 - v2.0     KBOS #6 -v1.0 Intro 2018  KPHX #7 -- v1.0  KJFK #8 -- v1.0  KMCO #9 -- v1.0


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  • ATControl -- Joe changed the title to Custom (REAL) Traffic #10 -- KLAS v2.0 -- Summer 2018 w/ Vegas Fight Night GA Fly-in
  • 2 weeks later...
2 hours ago, rickinbflo said:

Hey Joe,

 What am I doing wrong?? I unzipped the folder and copied all 4 without the readme file to the KLAS folder and the result when I try to load is stopped at 63%. Have I forgot to do something???

Did you complete the update for LAs?  Did you redownload real traffic? 

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  • 2 weeks later...
11 minutes ago, DavidGriff said:

Great job!


Unless I'm just unaware, I think code "WWW" was omitted from the GA operators cheat sheet. The callout is incoherent in the game, any chance you could add it?

It’s not in the GA list because Janet is not a General Aviation airline.   It’s an airline and exists where it should in the airline file. 

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On 7/29/2018 at 1:43 AM, ATControl -- Joe said:

Did you complete the update for LAs?  Did you redownload real traffic? 

I guess am a dummy and haven't played in awhile. KLAS and KATL won't work for me and stops at 74%. How do you go about re downloading real traffic. I still have a copy of my purchase just can't figure out how to get it. 

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  • 5 years later...

I know this thread is old. I was wondering if these schedules will work with tower! 3?

I tried to get jarekpp2-t3scheduler but I only found the zip that had the source files. You wouldn't happen to know a link for the actual exe file would you?

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