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I have a problem with AIFP and STB

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7 minutes ago, diceflo said:

Success! I discovered a miss match in the numbering for the 773's and they all appeared. Good thing to know especially if I have to check to see if other planes have the same problem. I hope that won't be the case. My other problem still exists but maybe it's all related.

Great! And there we have it, aircraft.cfg problems preventing the creation of AI by the Simulator.  Please feel free to repost any problems that continue to be unresolved.

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OK..that solves that ....its late but when you get the time Simon...if ever: lol....just need to figure out how to change the name of the airlines which shows as the simobject name (NAMC YS11) to airline name "Piedmont" and a add a  logo 🙂

Bob M.

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Change the callsign in the aircraft.cfg to match an existing logo, or create a new logo (or copy) with the callsign in effect right now.


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We're talking about the aircraft cfg for the YS11 in the simobjects folder in p3dv4 and not somewhere inside STB, right.   Ok that YS11 right now is in the airline graveyard out west somewhere  It was an old FS9 aircraft and I tried to use Model Converter X and the plane came out ok..it had the Piedmont paint but no wheels. It would take off down the runway just great (all the passengers just a wavin) but no wheels...so I found a new YS11 but now having trouble installing the paint...working on it but lets say I get it going....here's the cfg...where do I change it so I don't have this issue...It will be a Piedmont Airlines plane. I have included a pic of the now defunct plane. 

Thanks Simon, 

your very distant, distant cuz,



YS11 with no wheels.JPG

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