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*** CUSTOM SCHEDULE'S LIST (fictional & real life airport timetables) ***


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On 4/23/2020 at 11:45 AM, nolan_4_wilson said:

I'm developing a custom schedule for KMCO. It's in the works right now but will be out in about a month or two since the airports.txt file takes SO LONG to make, it's already taken me about a week and a half to work on this thing! @pete_agreatguy

airports.txt file sorted out, I used another creator's. Commercial schedule in the works now.

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Hi guys first I want to say that you're doing great job with schedules and I am lovin' it!

Meanwhile I found some little errors with schedules which I hope can help you for further developments.

I mean EGKK especially:

1.) UMRR - this ICAO doesn't exist anymore for Riga, it's EVRA now for quite some time, the same with Vilnius airport, it's EYVI right now. - useful for Air Baltic flights, you can simply replace it in airports file.

2.) SAW - IATA code, when Turkish flight is coming from second Istanbul airport, Sabiha Gokcen game shows that it's coming from KSAW, which for sure is not correct;)

When you add line to airports file like this:


then arriving THY flights are shown with correct ICAO code.

Hope this helps! Have a great weekend.


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If you find errors, please report it on the custom schedule thread which is appropriate.

e.g. If there is an issue with KBOS, then post on the KBOS thread. The custom schedule developers do not check this thread often - if at all - therefore the issue will most likely not get fixed. 🙂


I've amended the original post to reflect the above point.

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3 minutes ago, battlehawk77 said:

@Cwiara As far as the incorrect airport ICAO codes, I have found changing those to the correct ones to cause the game not to work. If you've been able to pull that off, I would be curious to know how, as I have tried on multiple occasions with no success.

Hey there,

Well I didn't use any special programme for scheduling, I just simply opened "egkk_airports" file with notepad and overwrited UMRR with EVRA - code, that's the first one, and added IATA "SAW" code with airport name, lat and long, ICAO between "SVA" and "SBA" to keep it alphabetical and separate from SAW FAA code which is at the lower end of the file (does the game need that FAA codes ?), that's all. When I loaded the game the flights in question (Air Baltic from/to Riga and Turkish from/to Istanbul Sabiha) were displayed correctly without crashing the game.

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Heh😄😄. Well in this exact case it was easier because schedule file itself was ok, I changed just airports file by adding correct info. That's why I can imagine there might be crash in the game if these two (IATA in Airports and Schedules) don't match, especially when you create custom files with a lot of data (like EDDF etc). 

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5 hours ago, nolan_4_wilson said:

PHNL schedule in the works, I'm kind of in a race with @battlehawk77 to get this thing out. Does anyone have any ideas for other airports that I should develop schedules for?

It's a race you'll probably win, as I haven't gotten very far with the development of mine, as real life things are getting in the way. 😛

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On 8/9/2018 at 10:54 AM, pete_agreatguy said:

Hi all,

I think it is best we have one place for a complete list of custom schedule's already developed (and future ones).

Therefore I have created a blog post (linked below) which I will keep up-to-date with the aid of community developers.


Complete Custom Schedule's List


PLAYERS (users of a custom schedule):

  1. Support is provided on the airport timetable thread by the developer (i.e. the link found on the table on the blog post above - "Complete Custom Schedule's List").
  2. If there is an error or an issue with a custom schedule, please reply on the appropriate custom schedule thread; not this one! Custom schedule developers do not check this thread for such reports.


  1. When you create your own custom schedule topic on the forum, please make sure to include "CUSTOM SCHEDULE" in the title along with the airport ICAO code so it is easy to identify. This also allows your schedule to appear in the "complete list" link on the blog post above.

    For example, a topic title of "KJFK Custom Schedule Winter 2019 v1.1" (without the speech marks).
  2. I HIGHLY recommend you use a version number in the title and main post to help users identify if they need to update their files. e.g. v1, v2 or v1.1, v1.2 etc.
  3. If you need to make changes to your schedule after release; please update the original post. Do NOT start a new topic unless you are posting a schedule based upon a different time period.
  4. Not required but HIGHLY recommended: To achieve maximum compatibility for users who wish to play your schedule on multiplayer; it is recommended you create "hourly snippets". Between 3-6 hourly snippets should suffice, depending on the number of flights within the time period of your schedule's hourly snippet.

    For example; create your schedule, provide the full timetable "schedule.txt" but also provide hourly snippets: 0600-1000, 1000-1400, 1400-1800, 1800-2200 or similar depending on the flow between those hours. These can also overlap as well; e.g. 1000-1500, 1400-1800 and 1700-2300.

    Why do this? It helps prevent long loading times and loading issues; i.e. a schedule not loading and players getting disconnected (see here for an example).
  5. Not required but recommended: Please provide a chart or table of your timetable (hourly is suggested) so that it is easy for users to pick a time slot to play.
  6. If you have any new schedules, either PM me the link or DM me it on the Multiplayer discord server so I can update the blog post. If you would like me to add special developer notes to the blog post (or amend what I have stated already), please feel free to PM or discord DM me and I shall happily do so.

    Please send me only one message. I am not as active on here due to other commitments elsewhere and losing interest in the current version of T3D. I aim to reply and add your schedule within at least a week; though usually less - especially if contacted via the discord server mentioned.

    If you send me more than one message in a fortnight, it is likely I will not reply or add your schedule due to your gross negligence on how to follow simple instructions as outlined in this very post.

Please read the first post.

This is for a list of released custom schedules. Not a place for discussion of these released schedules or for support of said released schedules. Hence why I have amended the initial post countless times now.


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On 5/20/2020 at 5:01 PM, pete_agreatguy said:

Please read the first post.

This is for a list of released custom schedules. Not a place for discussion of these released schedules or for support of said released schedules. Hence why I have amended the initial post countless times now.



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