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Saitek rudder pedals left toe brake activating throttles

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Hi pete and all,


I have a registered copy and latest update of fsuipc 5 - version 5.140.  I only use it to calibrate my goflight TQ6-adv throttles.  I have created profiles for the ifly 737-800 and ifly 747-400 and also have done a calibration for the default B737-800 (FSX which I installed).  I am using P3Dv4.2.  I also have the Saitek rudder pedals but these are not assigned via fsuipc.  However, with all 3 of my profiles when I press the left toe brake on the rudder pedals it activates the throttles, to full.  Braking again drops the throttles back to idle again but as soon as I take my feet off the brakes the throttles are back up to full.

I have checked through the control settings in P3D but can find nothing obvious there other than the rudder pedals axis assignments.  As stated, I have only the GF throttles calibrated in fsuipc and nothing else.  Interestingly, when I disable controllers in P3D this problem still occurs.

Have you any suggestions as to what I can try to do to solve this problem?


Many thanks,


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Ive managed to sort it. I deleted my profiles and started over. Still dont know what i could have done wrong because as stated earlier, ive only calibrated page 3 of the joystick calibration fo my GFTQ6 and done an aircraft specific profile for each of the 3 aircraft. 



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