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Tracon SE Crashing


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I have this problem with Tracon 2012 Steam Edition, every time I press start to start the game in single player, the game loads but it crashes as soon as it is loaded and ready to play. Any help will be appreciated.



  • OS Windows 10, 64 bit, English US
  • 32GB RAM
  • NEVIDIA GTX 1080
  • openAL installed
  • Speech recognition not installed as I have no intension of using it 


Manny thanks,


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  • 2 months later...

Hello Jasonl,

I am having this same problem with my Steam version of Tracon!2012.  Have you figured it out yet?  Did you get a fix for this problem?  I'm still waiting to hear back from FeelThere and am hoping that you found a fix to your problem and can let me know how to fix mine.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Brian Funfer

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Hi Brian,


I have never heard back from Feelthere, nor can I attempt to get a refund on steam.


Try reinstalling it, run it as admin.


Apart from that I don’t have any better advise for you. Sorry. That game is currently sitting on my desktop dead.



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Jasonl, I like yourself, have tried running as administrator, but still get the same issue.  I've also run it in safe mode.  I feel your pain as I too have not only an unusable program, but also all of the DLC and Real Traffic that I purchased along with it.  I have seen in the forum that a number of people are having this same problem and I am hoping that FeelThere will be able to come up with a solution for all of us.

FeelThere Ariel,  attached are the log files.  Also, someone else suggested looking at my event viewer to see what's there, so I am also attaching a screenshot of that as well.  Hopefully this will help you to sort this out for me.  Just FYI, I have even gone so far as to re-run the Open AL installer, hoping that might solve the issue, but no luck with that either.

Thank you,

Brian Funfer




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