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Simon..I am using ai's that are installed on a separate ssd. They are pointed to in the simcfg. I have installed some AI for Piedmont Airlines, which no longer operates  and I can view them by picking them in stb. Some I can view...some say "unavailable" and I believe some load in view and at some point they..they say..no longer available to p3dv4..something like that. I have the schedule which used AITP to compile to a bgl. The bgl are in my add-on scenery folder and not in the world/scenery folder.....would stb find them there. They are added to scenery library from inside those add-on folder, if that makes sense.

One more thing...when I connect to stb and pick airport....when I load Winston Salem KINT....it doesn't show up in the airports, its either all and hunt them that way or you can select Greensboro or Charlotte (nearest major airports) but not KINT by itself....

I worked for Piedmont in the early 70's and I miss seeing the old 727-100/200    etc etc. 🙂


Bob M.

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  1. You can only view AI for those flights that have AI currently in the simulator.  STB can list historic flights (where an AI once existed but has been deleted because it flew too far away), current flights with AI and future flights yet to get an AI.
  2. STB completely understands the scenery library including scenery/world/scenery and also the addon.xml infrastructure for that matter).
  3. How many flights are there at KINT with actual AI aircraft in the simualtor?  It sounds like you are falling below the minimal threshold that results in exclusion from the pull down list.  The default value is 8x AI.  Also you can type in ICAO codes directly into the select airport control, and that will display the airport whether it has AI or not.

One of my favourite user aircraft is the Captain Sim 727, not that I get time to "fly the sim" 😉

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Thanks Simon....Alot of times KINT is kinda empty...maybe a few in the terminal  area and a few out in the parking lot...Trying to find old Piedmont liveries...planes to repopulate this airport and see the old Piedmont Airlines in action...lol....

Thanks Simon for all you do...

Best Regards,

Bob M.

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