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About data-reading issues .

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Hi  Paul :

     I'm working on an app that reading data from p3d v3 and udp data to another app (writing with QT  ,PFD and MFD ).

     There are some issues :

     1、about longitude and latitude .  In your example ,  the code  likes this:

        private Offset<FsLongitude> playerLon = new Offset<FsLongitude>("PerSecond20times", 0x0568, 8);
        private Offset<FsLatitude> playerLat = new Offset<FsLatitude>("PerSecond20times", 0x0560, 8);

        And it's  result like this:
    W086° 29.87'
         But I wish the result likes simconnect in radian ,  how to do that ?

       2、about  Ele system ,  I wrote the code like :

        private Offset<ulong> EleBusMain = new Offset<ulong>("PerSecond1times", 0x2840);
        private Offset<ulong> EleBusAmps = new Offset<ulong>("PerSecond1times", 0x2848);
        private Offset<ulong> EleBattMain = new Offset<ulong>("PerSecond1times", 0x2870);
        private Offset<ulong> EleBattAmps = new Offset<ulong>("PerSecond1times", 0x2878);

       Cause those four data's size are 8 , so  I put those in "ulong" type , but  those appear wrong :


       All data are very huge numbers .

       3、I found that C# type char's lenth is 2(also string), but Qt  is  1,  so when I  copy struct  to bytes and 

              upd to my app ,   the data was wrong too .

      So far,   I found that the data getting from FSUIPC and  from simconnect  are so different even it's

       a  same data type ,  and some data can't found in FSUIPC , e.g kohlsmann .

  Thank you for your help.

  Best regards.






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