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E-190 wing lighting/texture problem


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I just bought and downloaded the E-Jets pack for FSX. I'm using it in FSX:SE. I've run all the recommended SimConnect stuff in the SDK folder for SE. I'm having a weird problem with the visual representation of the wings and engines at night on these planes, and I haven't seen anyone else mention it so I'm not sure what's happening. It affects every livery. I've attached a screenshot.

During the day, it looks fine. But at night I get this. I've tried playing around with graphical settings but without knowing what the problem is, that seems like a wild goose chase. If it matters, my graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 and I'm running Nvidia-provided drivers (the latest ones as of today).

Also, is the cockpit not supposed to be lit from the exterior view if the panel lights are on? I had all interior and exterior lights set to on in this screenshot.


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I'm running Windows 10. I just looked now and the compatibility table says it's *not* compatible with SE under Windows 10, but oddly everything works except this one thing, and there's also a SE download available for it in Steam itself. The reason I bought the one from Wilco itself is that many reviewers there said to do so due to incompatibilities with the SE version (problems that I don't have).

It seems like a strange situation. But it also seems like there's got to be a simple fix for just this.

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Ok, bit of a facepalm (to an extent). It was the DX10 preview. At some point I turned that on and apparently liked it because I left it on and forgot about it. Going back to DX9 fixed this issue, along with all the other texture problems on my AI planes that I assumed were an unrelated issue.

Oh well, guess I just have to live with DX9 in FSX. Otherwise everything seems to work in this package except for weather and TCAS, which I understand was removed at some point anyway. 

It's strange that the compatibility chart lists this as incompatible with FSX:SE and Win10, though. It's definitely compatible.

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