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E-Jets v2 - Thank you to FeelThere


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I've just realised we can now publish images on this forum, so I thought the developers might like to see what the E-jets v2 software has made possible. The real E-Jet always seemed an obvious candidate for a home cockpit. So about six years ago I purchased the FeelThere version and began experimenting.  I was impressed. The systems modelling, and the functioning buttons and switches, allowed a good degree of realism, and everything could be mapped through FSUIPC.  And the final prize was having all the 2D panels, which made it possible to amalgamate the instrument pop ups onto new backgrounds, to create new panels to display on the mip monitors.

In  building an E195 cockpit, the space available restricted it to left seat only. So I made a few small changes to the layout of the main panel to improve single person operation. But overall It was important to maintain the feel of a real cockpit.


I use P3D v3.4 with Win 7 which allows full functionality, and the cockpit has been in regular use for more than four years, with small updates. It even shows authentic signs of wear on the trim switch. The MCDU is a high resolution touch screen, and the touch pad for controlling instrument displays also works as a mouse on the other screens.


Every function available in the FeelThere software is replicated and working, including the overhead panel.


Since everything was home built, the cost was remarkably low. but I've been surprised at the degree of realism it achieves when using it. And it certainly makes the most of all the scenery and other add ons installed. I've seen friends sweating in it, as much as I did, on real world simulator sessions. So well done FeelThere for making it possible.





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