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JFK - runway alert that should not have happened


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Here's the situation: Traffic taking off on 31L from the KE intersection while other traffic lands on 4L. (This is how JFK operates in real life). When the landing traffic on 4L crossed 31L I got a 500 point penalty, even though there was no actual conflict.

The whole point of intersection takeoffs is to allow other traffic to cross the takeoff runway behind the departing traffic. Should not be getting a penalty for that!

This would seem to indicate a programming issue that will affect any similar situation, not just JFK.

The penalty does not occur if the departing traffic is holding in position on the runway, only if it has been given its takeoff clearance before the landing traffic crosses behind it.

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3 minutes ago, hexzed said:

Yep this has been mentioned heaps, but it is unlikely to be changed in this edition.

You just have to avoid the crossover, no other option at this stage 😔

Thanks - I did a search for "JFK penalty" but got no results. Good to know they are at least aware of it.

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1 hour ago, aviator64 said:

Thanks - I did a search for "JFK penalty" but got no results. Good to know they are at least aware of it.

i did a post about it happening at Boston when I first played it and in my post  SKY KING posted a link to his post.  My post is linked below.


Some additional info in case you don't know, 4L has a lot of distance before it gets to 31L, so if you can get the departing plane off the ground before the landing plane touches 31L you do not get a penalty.  Also if you wait for landing plane to cross 31L then you are clear to takeoff, you do not need to wait for it to exit the runway.   The problem is ONLY when the landing plane actually is on the departing runway while the departing plane is still on the ground. And as you stated you are clear if you are holding in position.


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