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Ground Collision Alert at KMEM


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Yep this is pretty common. 

The wingtips will strike the waiting aircraft and you will get a ground collision. I used to get it at Atlanta a lot.

It will depend on the taxiway width, but i have noticed it is more prevalent in some airports over others

Sometimes it cant be avoided, but just try and get the planes out in order


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Seems to happen a lot with the KMEM simulation.  I was really looking forward to KMEM for the FEDEX aircraft, but it has quickly become my least favorite.  The same ramp that's shown in the picture above, and a  couple others on the FEDEX side of the airport, end up costing me thousands and thousands of points in Ground Collisions between taxiing aircraft and parked aircraft to whom I haven't issued pushback commands (same problem described above); once the ramp gets busy it's just about impossible to not wind up with ground collisions, as the taxiing planes will either collide with the parked planes, or two planes parked directly across from one another will collide as soon as one begins pushback.  Horrible.

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