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Sorry if you do not understand my question here.
Trust me I HAVE READ a lot here before I post since I know you do not want to post support!!

YOU need to learn that not everyone is a hard core programmer, and we have other things we work with in our lives.
I am using this forum to ask for help, if you are such an angry man, do not reply then.

It is not easy to understand everything in your software, for you everything is easy. And DO NOT EXPECT evryone to READ EVERYTHING POSTED here, that will take a lifetime to do.
It is not easy to search the forum either. And that is a problem.

May I suggest you to sort each question in a different folder. For example one for PMDG, one for Buttons, one for Switches etc. that would make it much more easy to navigate here and find answers. It is sad to get such angry replies all the time from you. I am very clear and polite when I ask, and you want to eat me each time I ask.

Customer service is not your strength here. If I would be angry at you all the time then I would agree if you were angry at me, but when I am asking a question because it is hard to understand your manual, that is not present some times becauase YOU HAVE NOT MENTIONED AN UPDATE and just expect everyone JUST TO LOOK AT YOUR SITE 24/7, that is hard to get from you man.

Point a finger in the correct directions and make manuals easy to understand instead of BARKING as an angry dog, would make things easier for users.


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Please, just read my answers properly, then you wouldn't have a problem

I have been doing this now since 1998, and 95% of folks who come here are satisfied with the help I give. I gave the answer explicitly as well as giving a reference.

But come back next year. I will be 76 and retired. Then someone else will have to deal with it all, and probably at a more normal rate, not within minutes or hours as I strive to.


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