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How does FSUIPC communicate with P3D ?

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50 minutes ago, lvedin said:

Can I ask, how FSUIPC internal communicate with Prepar 3D, is it SimConnect or an other interface ?

For P3Dv4 only, 95% via SimConnect.  The rest is via a the PANELS.DLL interface (as used by the few C/C++ Gauge writers left) and more and more PDK -- a closer interface than SimConnect and with some additional features of use. That is developing apace.

In the 32-bit versions quite a few things were done by direct hacking.into the 32-bit code, continuing what had been done with FSX before it. Of course, before FSX and SimConnect it was almost all hacking into the code.

P3Dv4 is ongoing and L-M have been very responsive to requests and suggestions, so I agreed with them to avoid hacking altogether. I didn't want to in any case because it is a different ball game from 32-bit -- and I am now too old to learn new tricks.

50 minutes ago, lvedin said:

The question come up due to people state that FSUIPC get incompatible on any P3D update version, while SimConnect is backward compatible.

No, that isn't so. There may occasionally be an FSUIPC change which depends on a newer facility in P3D4. A case in point did arise with P3D4.1 and all recent editions of FSUIPC won't run on 4.0. That may well happen in future, but i'll try to make this painless for those needing to stay on older versions of P3D4 -- though hopefully that should never be the case.



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