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[TRACON! 2012] Issues with custom-made sector


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I'm currently testing a sector I'm creating. It's my home sector at EDDH (and I'm willing to share it including the necessary changes/additions to the database files with the community as soon as I'm positive it's working correctly).

I recently ran into a problem with two SAS flights. They stalled at their respective spawning points, one (SAS651, STAR "MIC 2K") far out at the beginning of the STAR route, the other (SAS 652, SID "EKERN 8G") at the beginning of it's SID on the edge of the runway (but I was able to assign flight levels and hand it over to Bremen Center!). I used both SID/STAR routes on other flights where this didn't occur. Both ID tags showed an airspeed of 0 while SAS651's airspeed decreased from an inital 8.5 knots (!) to zero and SAS652's airspeed grew from 7.9 to 10.2 knots (!).

Game log attached. Any ideas why that happened?

By the way, there's another issue with the speech recognition. The waypoints for EDDH (most are named with "DH" and a three-digit number following, "DH658" for example) work just fine. I can address them by simply saying "D H 6 5 8" or "D H six fifty-eight" (the "DH" part not being "Delta Hotel" in NATO alphabet). But the waypoints for EDHL are problematic, because whatever I do, the system won't recognize me saying "H L 1 4 5" (again, "HL" not being "Hotel Lima" in NATO alphabet). Is there any way to work around this?


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