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I got an issue among many :)

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This is the same error about logos which I've already advised you what I'm doing about it.  Please check your crash files before sending them over.  I don't expect you to be able to decode them, but certain patterns are easily recongisable in them.


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Happy Holidays :)…

I reinstalled FSX (don't ask why..lol)  I still have P3dv4.4 I cannot get STB to connect to each other (FSX). Here is my fsx.xml and my stb cfg (document folder on client side) I am using SFBDS3.6.2018.14700 for Flight Simulator X and 3.6.2018.20200 (Omega+) and firewall ok 

Always these issues...Thanks Simon.



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How does each application know which simconnect settings group it should use?  There's nothing to distinguish them, so I think STB will try to use port 500 because it's the first in the file.  In your simconnect.xml, you do not open port 500 so it stands no chance.  If you have two seperate simulator computers that you are trying to address from a single client, that's beyond the support available in STB which is designed to deal with the 99.9% of simpler scenarios.  In your case you'd need to change the simconnect.cfg file each time according to the simulator PC you wish to use.


The SimConnect.cfg file

The SimConnect.cfg file contains communications information for a client (the SimConnect.xml file contains information for a server). This file is only required if a client is going to access Prepar3D running on a remote machine, and should be placed in the Documents folder, or in the same folder as the client application or library, on the computer the client is running on.

Note: SimConnect.msi is no longer needed due to the fact that the WinSxS library has been depreciated.

The SimConnect.cfg file can contain a number of configurations, identified in sections with the [SimConnect.N] title. The index number is used as a parameter in the SimConnect_Open function. This is useful for applications that communicate with a number of different machines that are running Prepar3D. The default configuration index is zero, and if there is only one configuration in the file, no index number is required.

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