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Getting autopilot state from various add-ons

Noah Boegli

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I would like to know if there was a general offset to get the autopilot from various add-ons (PMDG, Aerosoft) or if it is different for each add-on.

I've tried 07BC but it doesn't seem to work with at least the PMDG 777 and the Aerosoft Airbus professional, is that a mistake from me?

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Noah Boegli 

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Hi Noah,

You haven't made a mistake. Some add-ons (mainly the complex, study-level aircraft) use their own code for things like autopilot. They don't use the normal autopilot built into FSX/P3D. This means that the normal offsets won't have the correct data.

You need to get the data a different way for each add-on. I'm not sure about Aerosoft but for PMDG can use the offsets specified in:

\Modules\FSUIPC Documents\Offset Mapping for PMDG xxxx.pdf



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Hi Noa,

You can use L:Vars for AEROSOFT AIRBUS A3XX PRO

FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:AB_AP_AP1").ToString("F0") = 1 'AP1 set on  
FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:AB_AP_AP1").ToString("F0") = 0 'AP1 set off
FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:AB_AP_AP2").ToString("F0") = 1 'AP2 set on
FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVar("L:AB_AP_AP2").ToString("F0") = 0 'AP1 set off

You can find this L:VARS with Linda Modules

You can retrieve L:VARS using Paul's method (Thanks again Paul wasp your time to teach me that)

Regards Fred

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