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On 10/29/2018 at 12:36 PM, surfcandy said:

Will  REAL TRAFFIC TRACON!2012 EDITION purchased on feelthere.com  work in  Tracon!2012:SE  (Steam Edition)?

Yes it works. I bought KSAN and RT for Tracon!2012 on feelthere.com 20 minutes ago and they work fine on the Steam version.

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I have just bought Tracon SE from Steam. and installed my old Tracon RT that I bought for Tracon 2012. However I cannot get 'real traffic' and only still get the fictional ones. 

The version of RT is 24.09.15 and is Tracon 2012 rt-sp2

I install into /steam/steamapps/common/tracon SE and it creates a directory Tracon 2012 with all the real aircraft etc within it. When I start Tracon SE it still picks up the fictional aircraft.

I have copied the contents into Tracon SE directory and replaced the fictional aircraft and database but it still picks the fictional aircraft up and they then will not move on the screen. If I revert to the Tracon SE database they do move but they are still fictional.

I am wondering if there is a later version of Tracon RT with a better installer. Earlier posts indicate there is but I see no way of updating my version.

Any help will be appreciated.


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3 hours ago, AST said:

I have just bought Tracon SE from Steam. and installed my old Tracon RT that I bought for Tracon 2012. However I cannot get 'real traffic' and only still get the fictional ones. 

Did you confirm the install path as noted by Fred_Mertz  on October 30, 2018 (above)?

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Scoobflight - Thanks for your prompt reply.

Yes I did " A:Data and Documents(D)/My Programme Files/steam/steamapps/common/tracon SE". It does install into that one but then creates its own directory within there called "tracon 2012". That directory contains all the real planes. I tried copying them into the original Airplanes and Databases directories but I don't get any take offs or landings then.

{My computer has two drives. The operating system is on a 500gb SSD (C drive) so I put as much stuff on the D drive as possible and Tracon SE runs from the D drive perfectly well with fictional aircraft1242810453_Screenshot(2).thumb.png.f40c68ad778cc1f555410b7aaaf1180c.png.}

There is a mention above of earlier versions of real traffic having installer problems and mine is a 24.09.15 version and is Tracon 2012 rt-sp2. I cannot find how to update it and for the small cost I thought of buying a fresh version.

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No luck I am afraid.

Could not find a download link so bought again - $1.99 no problem

Done a fresh install and installed into the Tracon 2012 SE directory but it has done exactly the same and installed the filed into a separate directory called Tracon 2012.

It still does not use real traffic

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See above post:

I have since added  the files from the new RT download to the original databases and get the fictional aircraft and I get some aircraft but after appearing they do not move. 

I have now deleted the two directories Airplanes and databases and replaced them with the ones from the RT download and I get no planes at all.

For some reason the RT download is not properly installing the files.

I did try a different way of letting it put the files in the directory that the installer suggested they should go into and it just places them in a new directory on the D drive called Tracon 2012' and it still does not give me real traffic.


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Thanks to those responding.

To scoobflight. I have just done yet another clean install after first removing all traces (as far as I can see) of Tracon SE from my hard drive. I disabled the firewall and anti virus programme before doing so. Then with these anti virus and firewall programmes still turned off, I installed Real Traffic as Administrator into D-my programme files-steam-steam apps-common-tracon!2012 SE. It has again created a new directory named Tracon! 2012 within the Tracon! SE directory. (i.e. D-my programme files-steam-steam apps-common-tracon!2012SE-tracon! 2012).

Within that directory are two further directories, Airplanes and Databases. The original Airplanes and databases within the parent directory are the originals.

I have tested this out on London sector and LAX and still get fictional planes.

TO crbascott. Thanks for your interest. I will send some screen shots separately of the directories you request if that will help. 

Please note I have a SSD C drive with the windows operating system on it but the above files are all installed on the separate D drive. To put all my Steam files on the C drive would take an enormous amount of space and there is not a great deal to start with -256 gb. I did wonder if that could be the problem but all the other Steam stuff runs OK.

I have run the original Tracon from the D drive with real traffic with no problems and indeed I have just put it back on and it runs with real traffic perfectly. (I bought SE as the information said it was better colours)


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