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Cockpit View plus Diversions

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Going back a few years I was having problems getting STVB to work, I got great help is setting it up from (forgive me I forgot his name) but in our conversations I told him I once put a cockpit/panel in Traffic View Board.
I know it's a different program but the idea is similar, to view AI traffic.  What this did was, when I selected the cockpit view It gave me the impression of actually flying the AI aircraft, all the dials worked except for the speed for some reason, but any way it was an extra to add to the realism.

I asked if this could be done with STVB/Flying W as it is an invisible aircraft like TVB, also I asked if it would be possible to add diversions to the flights, these could be random and perhaps set by a sliding scale, the guy said it could be done.
I see on STVB  some flight get diverted but as far as I can see we can't view them or follow a flight that gets a divert, I was wondering if these ideas could be implemented or is this asking too much?



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Most likely you were talking by me as I'm the only person at Flying-W.  I'm afraid I don't remember too much about it as I have a great deal of these kind of conversations, but let me make some general observations.

1) STB for Prepar3D has a lot more "View AI" related options, including looking forward from the AI pilot's point of view.  I'm not sure any of my AI aircraft have 3D cockpits or 2D panels, but if you know how to set that sort of thing up in the simulator it would be worth exploring.  STB does not have to do anything different here, it's a simulator decision concerning what gets rendered in each view.

2) The flight "diversions" as they stand today are just intended to add a little "colour" to the board.  In the "reality" of the simulator the flight didn't really get diverted, but I think we mark them as such when an arrival flight shows up for a while but for whatever reason the simulator deletes it before it gets to the airport.

3) An automatic divert facility would be quite a lot of work, biggest challenge is how do I know where else to send it?  STB knows about every airport the simulator does, but it's no idea about alternative destinations nor any facility to work out which alternative airports would be suitable.

4) A user driver facility where you choose the ICAO sounds more possible, I will add it to the list if it's not already there.  The list is long by the way, so I can't say when this might happen or even if it will happen at all.


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Hi Simon, yes it was you, I remember as soon as I saw your name, thank you again by the way for the help you gave me back then, you spent a lot of time with me as I recall.

I have FSX with Acceleration box version, so will the STB P3D work with my setup?

As for the diversions if I recall I think we said something like as the aircraft got near to it's destination the diversion would be the nearest airport or something like that, I realise it would be a lot of work but if it isn't possible I understand, it was just a thought back then to add some more realism to the sim.

The STB I'm using is stable so I didn't want to change it, V3.2.1.7
I did an upgrade a while ago I think it added airline logos but I got all kinds of errors, not sure if it was my fault or not, I ended up going back to this version I'm on now, that's why I asked about the P3D version.


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Sorry to say STB for Prepar3D will not work with FSX.  In Prepar3D there are many new facilities and API calls for STB to exploit, for which there's no real equivalent in FSX.

Regarding the diversions, for any given airport I don't know what the next nearest is, or more importantly whether it's suitable (747's landing on grass runways!)


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I as just playing around with Super Traffic View Board, I added the default 737 panel to the Flying-W invisible aircraft.
I selected an ai MD80 that was due to depart, I followed it taxiing to the runway then it took off.
my first attempt wasn't that good, I could only follow as if I was in another aircraft.

Second attempt was slightly better, I changed the view to main panel then I was in the cockpit, I still had the ai in front of me, I selected the GPS then cancelled it and the ai was no longer in my view but I was flying in the cockpit, I could hear ATC and as it directed the ai to turn I turned in the cockpit as though I was in the ai aircraft.

Now there was still a problem, none of the instruments worked, ie when the aircraft banked it didn't show on the instruments, the speed was incorrect, this didn't happen when I did it in FS9 with Traffic View board, so it is a bit different, but still it gave the illusion of flying in the ai cockpit... more work needed lol, but it was a bit of fun.


1st attempt I followed an MD80, 2nd attempt  I  selected a B737

1st attempt.jpg

2nd attempt.jpg

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