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Trials and Tribble-ations

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Star trek fans will know the reference, but I've been having a trial (and tribulation) with Windows 10 just lately.  My main devleopment laptop stopped rebooting out of the blue, some kind of Windows error in EFI or the like for which there were a great many solutions on the internet but none of they any good.  The implication seems to be this is Windows update, but it's stange it should take several reboots before it shows up

The next bad news, no restore points were helpful in resolving the problem.

More bad news,  the backup software I use won't restore.  Waiting for a remote session from the vendor to fix that

And the icing on the cake, factory reset on the latop doesn't work.  Waiting for a new USB recover drive from another vendor on that one

Of course all my data is safe as I make extensive use of cloud drives and my STB dev environment is mirrored to my main deskside simulator PC.  So I can carry on coding, but I can't build updates at the present time as that only existed on the laptop.  It's not difficult to recreate, I just need to get on top of the laptop problems first. 

Code-wise the next beta is just about ready, but I can't build it to an installer at the current time.  Sorry for the delay everyone, I'll get back on track as soon as I can.


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