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Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey


Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey  

71 members have voted

  1. 1. What Tower product(s) do you own?

    • Tower!3D
    • Tower!3D Pro
    • Both - would buy both again
    • Both - would NOT buy both again
    • Neither - happy with Tower!2011
    • Neither - but plan to buy Tower!3D
    • Neither - but plan to buy Tower!3D Pro
    • Neither - waiting for the next version

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  • Poll closed on 12/01/2018 at 05:59 AM

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With hints of a new Tower version at some point in the future I was curious on what Tower product(s) the community owned. As a result, I put together a little survey. 

This survey is not promoted or developed by FeelThere, they don't need it because obviously they know their sales.

Feel free to post comments, thought, rationale, etc. 




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Dear Folks,

It's an interesting thread because we are thinking about a single version next time (no Pro/non-Pro). Looks like most of you are not interested for the non Pro version.
However (and this is for the Mac folks); what about if we would make a native Mac version but without the voice support? 


Thank you



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In theory the more platforms you will support, the more sales you would make. However that said Vic, check out the steam statistics:


Specifically OS (as it does show Mac clients in those results).

Only 2.84% of people on the steam network play using Mac OS.


Personal opinion; I do think only having one version is the way forward. And stick only to Windows platform. 2.84% cannot be justified.


Also, having ALL dlc on the steam network would be highly recommended.

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I definitely agree on the single version. It's actually possible that conclusion was a hopeful ulterior motive of this poll. 🤔  

Regarding a Mac version, I've seen a handful of posts requesting it. Not sure how that equates to sales though. However, in most articles I've read the Mac is not a great gaming platform and Pete's numbers seem to back that up.


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Saw some videos for Tower!3D Pro on Youtube featuring Jeff Favignano and Bay Area Buggs. Have always been interested in this sort of thing, and when I saw it in action, I knew I needed it. Took me a few weeks of sticker shock to finally purchase. Ended up getting a few add-ons since. Other than some quirks relating to gameplay (commands that would streamline runway crossings, aircraft taxi speed after landing roll on runways, aircraft refusing to exit runway on correct side, random spinning on runway entry and pushbacks, etc), I am very happy with this purchase. I usually start playing, and 4 hours happens before I realize it.

On a side note, I would love to see an airport like PANC (Anchorage), where you get 2 parallel runways (typically used for landings with occasional takeoffs) and a crosswind runway without intersection used for takeoffs. 

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For me, several YouTube creators (Jeff, Joe, Buggs) showed me how amazing the voice control aspect is, so it was a no-brainer for me. One it went on sale last week (thank you, FT!), I got the wife's blessing and got Pro plus RT and RC (she said it would be part of my Christmas, which I'm 100% okay with).

Like others have mentioned, having all of the DLC on Steam would be an amazing thing, as updating is a lot easier. Having the airports on there already is a good thing. Adding RC and RT would complete the set, as it were.

And I agree that having a unified version going forward would be good. I'm sure it's a lot easier to develop one product versus two. 🙂

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