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Flight Control Replay Professional Edition for FSX

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Firstly, I just want to say thank you for an amazing product. It records flaps, spoilers, and landing gear functionality quite well.

In light of this product being quite capable of surpassing FS Recorder, it is still an incomplete work.

When will the next update be released for FCR PE FSX?

A few things to make note of during any updates:

1. Reduced jitters and stutters when rendering videos. Right now, all videos that are rendered are very jumpy and jittery. They are not smooth in this current version for FSX.

2. Record AI traffic.

3. Record all light parameters such as landing lights, strobes, Beacon, etc.

4. Record the nose gear as it turns from operating the steering tiller.

5. Touch down effects such as smoke and wing flex with precise timing during render.

6. Include 4x speed. At the moment there is 2x and 8x.

7. Capture FMC data and MCP selection.

8. Capture doors and cargo parameters. 

Make these changes and FCR will be the best recording software on the market for FSX 🙂.

I look forward to an impressive update.

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thank you very much for your kind work ! I m happy to make FlightControlReplay always more mature!

There will be an update in first months 2019 that will add a lot of things ! Stay tuned for list of features and fix!!

For rendering side i ll add 4x for sure and (a little preview of next days announcement ) also compressed video format support !!!



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