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No User aircraft data at start up

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This situation isn't new. I noticed this on earlier editions as well but I thought I would ask. (overall, I'm very happy)

I have a full 737 cockpit under construction and run the Superboard Server on the main P3D V4.4, Win 10, PC (naturally). (I like the way it starts with P3D)

I now have 2 other older Win 10 PCs with a copy of the Client. One for a Departures Board and the other an Arrivals board. (I don't use any of the AI functionality and have that turned off)

I enter my Departure and Arrival airfield into each client. (I use other programs for flight planning) My aircraft pops up ready for Departure but with 'No Data'. I have to go in and re-click 'Automatic' to get the Runway and re-click 'Automatic' to get the Gate to show up. Clicking 'Reschedule' clears everything back to No Data.  The messages for 'Boarding' etc don't show up. If I taxi, it stays the same, and only changes from No Data after take off.

It does not seem to be syncing after entering the two airfields.

Any ideas?



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Very interesting setup, sorry to say that running two clients at the same time isn't a supported configuration.  But don't panic, that's not to say it won't work and I won't try to help, but please try to reproduce this problem by shutting down one of the clients and just using the other.  If it does still occur on a single client, please do the following:

1) Set up a "Verbose" trace as per Appendix C of the user guide.

2) Reproduce the problem, describing the steps you took (and the airports involved) as you did above.  Please send screenshots of the dialogues once you have entered values but before you press the "OK" button.

3) Close STB, send me the trace file.


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Roger Simon,

Yes, I started out only using a single Client. It was just that I had two spare wide screen 24" monitors available and wanted to observe Departures on one, and Arrivals on the other, mounted on the wall facing the cockpit. 🙂 I'm sure the problem I have, still happens with only one updated Client operating.

By the way, I did try exploring undocking or spreading the Client images across two monitors but that is not possible. (Naturally, two instances on one machine didn't work either) Hence, using a Client on two machines. They look nice, and both sync well, the clocks concur, plus both displays update to the next airport as you fly over them etc.

I'll try and do what you ask over the next couple of days. (My wife decides what we will do over weekends 🙂 )

Thanks again,


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Just to let you know I am still working on this.

My Client machines do not have access to mail or the internet so I need to transfer the Logs and images across to my laptop today (my Alt + PrtSc didn't work so I am redoing them as well)

I just wanted to report have been able to get the NO DATA message to change for the first ever time. Background: My regular default flight YSCB to YSWG is being saved. On start up it is placed about 30 minutes out on the Departures Board but with the NO DATA message. Clicking Runway>Automatic places 35 in the Runway column. Clicking Parking>Automatic puts Gate 9 in its proper place. I have found that opening the Status and selecting 'Sleep State'? starts the process with 'Go to Gate' popping up and everything happening promptly leading to 'Gate Closed' (I think) while I am programming my FMC.

I'll send the verbatim logs today.


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Thanks for the traces.  I can see we are receiving information from the simulator about the user aircraft, but the values received don't match any of the departure states we have on the board.  For example:

16/12/2018 10:00:46 AM.436: EvaluateState: Converting departureAirportClosest:True, fsState:(OnGround:1, pushingBack:0, exitIsOpen:0, landingLightsOn:0, parkingBrakeOn:1, engine1Running:0, engine2Running:0, engine3Running:0, engine4Running:0, avionicsCircuitOn:1, flapsDown:0, gearDown:1, fastenBelts:0) to User State (fsState: unknown, sequence: 0).

You can see in the above the various elements of aircraft state we are intereted in.  Compare this to the spreadsheet in the STB install folder that shows you how the above is translated (data\UserAircraftStates.xls, and you will see there is no match based on the aircraft state elements received.

What state do you think you should be in here on STB?  To make it work, you need to have aircraft elements state that match a row in the spreadsheet.  As far as I can see, you state should be "pre-taxi" but it isn't because "Fasten Seat Belts" is off.  Not all third party aircraft play nice with FS internals, and it's not suprising to find the seat belt switch in a third party does not update the simulator internals.


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