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Due to popular demand i have reloaded my schedule.

Please use the link below to download the files

Please remember to use all the listed text files to overwrite the existing real traffic files, including, but not limited to terminal, airports, airlines and airplane text files

Please post here or DM me for any clarification on installation

Please note these schedules are not updated so may contain outdated information

Thanks to @Falryx for keeping a record of these files







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On 1/9/2019 at 10:13 PM, hexzed said:

I was checking out what airports haven't had a schedule for a while, and San Diego was one of them. This is the second of a double header!

I have experimented with arrival spacing in this schedule, so please tell me what you think

My schedule has 42 airlines that fly into San Diego including cargo, and charter flights and also General Aviation flights.

I have split my schedule into individual hours (which I highly recommend) so all flights are more likely to arrive and depart correctly, or if you prefer you can load the entire day in one go.

Please refer to the below graph for your preferred times 


Installation Instructions

1 Please back up the existing KSAN folder, before doing anything else

2 Please download both the “ksan_airlines.txt” and the “ksan_terminal.txt” from the dropbox link below and over write the existing files in the "Extensions\Airfields\KSAN" folder.

This is important, I will explain why in the notes.

3 Select the folder corresponding to the hour (or full day) you have selected, and download the “ksan_schedule.txt” and the “ksan_gaandlocaltraffic.txt” from the dropbox link below and over write the existing files in the "Extensions\Airfields\KSAN" folder.

Any questions on install please ask

Schedule Notes

The airlines.txt and terminal file is a must as I have customised a lot of cargo, regional and charter airlines IATA and/or ICAO codes that do not appear in the original Real Traffic file.

If these files are not used, my schedule will not work to its full potential

Reasons for this customising is so that;

1 Airlines cargo subsidiaries, and cargo feeders (eg Cathay Pacific Cargo, Wiggins Airways) can be assigned to cargo terminals

2 Regional airlines (eg Skywest, Republic Airlines) which operate for several mainline airlines (sometimes multiple mainline airlines at the same airport) can be assigned to the correct terminal for that particular mainline airline

3 Charter airlines that have no real world IATA code, can be assigned to a terminal if required


This custom schedule will only work properly with the latest Real Traffic version


I have designed my schedules on the basis that all Real Colour packs have been installed

If not all Real Colour packs have been installed, the schedule will work but you will not get liveries on all aircraft

In addition to this some airlines in this schedule have no liveries associated with them at all and will appear white, this is a limitation of the game and not something i can change


I have adjusted a lot of callsigns to reflect the correct pronunciation in real life, so will need to be pronounced differently to what you may be used to with the default real traffic


Any questions in regards to these notes, please ask


I have tested the files and are working, but of course any issues, comments or corrections, please tell me


Apart from that, happy controlling!





Other custom schedules

KLGA, La Guardia Airport, New York, USA

KMEM, Memphis Airport, USA

EDDM, Munich Airport, Germany

EDDS, Stuttgart Airport, Germany

TIST, St. Thomas Airport, US Virgin Islands

Hey Ben, Just a heads up! I am a flight attendant with RPA and we do not fly to SAN. 

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Hi Joe, thanks for the input.

That example was just a general one, there are no Republic flights in the San Diego schedule ☺️

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hey Neil here I have a question about something if I want to use say Lufthansa Cargo how do I get it to work as a cargo airline when Lufthansa is DLH LH and Lufthansa Cargo is GEC LH 

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that sucks that there isn't away to get it to recognize that Lufthansa and the Lufthansa cargo as a subsidiary of Lufthansa to where it would have the Lufthansa Cargo livery on it 


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but its all good I heard that there is going to be  new update to the airport KJFK to fix livery on certain aircraft but I have not heard when that will be really want to have London Gatwick when it comes out then hope a new us airport will get released like maybe SeaTac 

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At this stage i will make a new schedule. However i don't believe it is worth it until air traffic gets somewhat back to normal levels.

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