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What's your favourite airport to control as tower and why?


Favourite Tower Position  

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Question is in the title.

For me I play tower often on MP with a friend.

I love boston with a northwest setup. I love the challenge in busy periods of getting the departures off of both 33L and 27, whilst keeping an eye on arrivals.

I also love JFK with the diversity of traffic.

I would enjoy EDDM more if the slow taxi bug wasn't present and we were able to shoot the gaps.

I love the challenge of KLAS, especially if using 19's and 26's 🙂 You have to really keep an eye on the gaps leaving 2.5nm space for a departure on 26R.

I love KLAX for the sheer number of flights and the diversity.

Even though it is quieter than others, I really like controlling at KPHL using 35 and 27R for arrivals, 35 and 27L for departures.

I think my favourite would be KSFO but only if we could control this airport realistically. Currently it is impossible to shoot gaps at KSFO using 1's and 28's without sending aircraft to G for takeoff clearances or instructing arrivals to go around in order to create a gap.

So overall, I think I would choose KBOS, KLAS and KPHL as my overall favourites.

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I agree with you Pete on Philly. It hits that "sweet spot" of not too big but busy enough with a fairly challenging layout that can offer many different runway configurations to try. I also put JFK and BOS as they are nice international bases with unusual airline arrivals and departures.

I will be much happier whenever we get word the next version is being worked on... (looking at you Vic). Almost halfway thru January 2019 and still nothing. It's not a rant or similar, but I won't be getting anymore airports until the next version. Too many other options for games right now.

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