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Duplication of flights

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Hey Simon.. I am using your beta and it works great but a quick question. I am noticing in p3dv4.4...that I have flights that get duplicated......flight numbers or times I am not aware of......I have 3 bgl's and printouts of the departures/arrivals and lots of them don't match whats on the board. I had real another posts about ID's being messed up by P3dv4.4.... I run the make runway/scenery alot to keep up to date. Is there possible some old stuff somewhere that STB is getting these flights from. or a way to "flush" maybe any old stuff and redo new. 

Just a wild-axx guess?

Other than that..Happy New Year and Warmest Regards,

Bob M.

STB Quad Display.JPG

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Not seeing any systematic problems here with either Prepar3D V4.4 nor the STB 344 beta.  Here's my test results with ORBX AU Traffic:


No Duplicates, and as AI show up in the simulator they are correctly reconciled with those flights already listed.  Here's the picture a little later:


The ANA arrival and those after it are now being operated by AI aircraft in the simulator, and are correctly applied to their preexisting slots in the list.

When you "compile airport database", you start with a clean sheet every time and build upwards using your scenery library and P3D addon configurations.  Your problem is almost like you have the BGLs duplicated or appearing multiple times in the library/Prepar3D addons infrastructure.



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thanks..will take a look...... I have 3 bgls in the scenery folder for P3dv4.....aircraft bgl turned off in scenery/world etc...I have the print out from aifp where I created the flight plans...not sure where they are duplicated?



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One thing I'd like to introduce is the ability to display which BGL we beleive a particular flight has come from, although that's a singificant piece of work to get done.  In the meantime, please do the following

1) Change your display so you are showing the "Object ID" column in the flights list

2) Set up a verbose trace as per Appendix C of the user guide

3) Compile the airports database

4) Reproduce the problem where the flights are duplicated or otherwise incorrectly listed

5) Take a screenshot that includes the ObjectID column, describe the problem you are seeing.

6) Close STB, send me the above and the trace file please.


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Here is an example...at 1130,  on my AIFP departure sheet I have (I know its wrong) but 2 flights at 1130am only, a Martin 404 and a 727-200 but on the STB, I have a B767-200.... This is P3dv4.4

Not to make life rough but anyway, Thanks Simon,

Bob M

BTW..it may be all my screw ups....not yours....1689560388_Duplication3.thumb.JPG.cb712ace1c66676343fe81bc8c2cd962.JPG

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The trace file does not match the screenshot.  No AI flights whatsoever in the trace, in fact I never see you try to connect to the simulator nor compile the database as per the instructions above, so this must be from some other session.  If you do this again I will have a look, but please stretch out the FS ID column so the values are not truncated.


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