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ERJ175 V2 for P3D4 - Bug in FMS guidance ?

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Thank you for this plane which is very nice.

However, I can not make a complete flight in France.
The aircraft follows the track normally during the flight.
After a waypoint (BAMGO), suddenly, it starts at 90 ° to the East.
All modes remain purple in the FMA.
If I take control (HDG SEL mode), I bring the plane back on the track.
At this moment, the aircraft is represented
backward on the MFD.
It follows the track, but backing up !!!
My flight plan is :
ERJ175 - 70 passengers - 20% cargo.
From LFMU - Runway 27 - SID KELAM6
To LFMP -Runway 33 6 Approach ILS-z STAR KELAM2
Speed = 200 kts (climb - cruise - descent)
Takeoff speed 122 - 131 - 137 - 184
Landing speed = 126 - 131 - 150 - 184
TRANS ALT = 5000 (Europe)
Three of my (networked) friends tried the same flight and encountered the same problem in the same place. 
At the moment the plane decides to leave the track :

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23 minutes ago, scoobflight said:

Nav database cycle?

The one delivered with the software. 


Excuse me, I forgot some details :

P3D V4.3 - Windows 7

FeelThere Product : "EMBRAER E-JETS V.2 EMBRAER 175 AND 195 P3D4"
Setup File :  ejetsv2-p3dv4-3.exe

Purchased : 11/2018

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seems an updated AIRAC is included ... i don't use P3D4 so didn't now that was done.

try removing waypoints before and after LANET.  testing to see if there are issues with the AIRAC.

also try a flight direct using only HDG and/or VORs to see if issue with the P3D world map.

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