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CYTZ problems (answered)

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I'm running P3Dv4.3 in windows 10 with the latest FSC and having ILS trouble at CYTZ, Toronto City.  On the FSC map, the ILS feather to RW 26 is showing up as set up on the old RW33 with an inbound heading of 299 degrees as per the old LOC approach. When set up in the aircraft (MJC Q400 in this case) with the correct frequency and heading, 265 degrees, it will track RW26 glideslope but the localiser wants me to track the RW33 LOC signal, making the ILS approach to RW 26 impossible.


Is there a way I can edit this please or is it something you could perhaps correct tin the next update?


Many thanks



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Sorry to be a pain.

I've looked into the scenery package and the ILS 26 seems to be correctly set up on 265 degrees.

Do you have any ideas please?

Could it be the Navigraph AIRAC is at fault on both the FSC and MJC packages?




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Hello Lee,

The Database Manager can only read the Ils'es that are entered in the corresponding Airport file.


I turned off the third party scenery and the ILS is showing correctly in the aircraft.

Did you let the Database Manager run again afterwards?


Could it be the Navigraph AIRAC is at fault

The Navigraph Cycle has no influence on the ILS'es in the FSC.
In the manual you will find the following note:

Note that FlightSim Commander uses data which are partly extracted directly from Flight Simulator files and partly from real-world databases.
The data read from Flight Simulator directly are:
ICAO Codes, Airports, Runways, ILS'es, Markers, Taxiways, Parking positions and Aprons.

All other data are provided by Navigraph and Aerosoft and concern VORs, NDBs, Intersections, GPS fixes, Airways, SIDs, STARs and Transitions.





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