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Saitek yoke system is suddenly no longer recognized

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Until yesterday everything is ok then from today there is no way to be recognized by FSUIPC for P3D v4.
Everything is memorized but they do not give a sign of life.
P3d recognizes both the axes and the buttons, FSUIPC no.
I tried to install but without result.
What do you advise me to do?
Thanks in advance


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*** Moved from FAQ: please post in Support Forum in future ***


it looks like your JoyId numbers have changed (and you are not using JoyLetters): you have two devices, one with a joy id# of 3 (Razer Tartarus Chroma), an another with id of #2 (B737), but your assignments are to devices #1 and #2, e.g.

    0=R2,0,C65602,0     -{THROTTLE_DECR}-    -- Assigned to joy id #2

    10=P1,14,C70325,0     -{Custom control: <70325>}-   -- Assigned to joy id #1

You will need to edit your ini file to use the correct joy ids, or better still, switch to using Joy letters - please see the documentation for this.



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7 minutes ago, John Dowson said:

*** Spostato dalle FAQ: per favore pubblica nel Forum di supporto in futuro ***


sembra che i tuoi numeri di JoyId siano cambiati (e non stai usando JoyLetters): hai due dispositivi, uno con un ID gioia di 3 (Razer Tartarus Chroma), un altro con ID di # 2 (B737), ma i tuoi compiti sono per i dispositivi # 1 e # 2, ad es

    0 = R2,0, C65602,0 - {THROTTLE_DECR} -     - Assegnato a joy id # 2

    10 = P1,14, C70325,0 - {Controllo personalizzato: <70325>} -    - Assegnato all'ID gioia # 1

Dovrai modificare il tuo file ini per usare gli id di gioia corretti, o meglio ancora, usare le lettere di gioia - per favore guarda la documentazione per questo.



It's not that that I understand very much ....
Can I delete the ini file and then recreate it could be a solution?

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You can do, but try changing




in the '[JoyNames]' section after you have made the assignments (or even before, once you have generated a clean ini file). Or look into manual joy letter assignment.

If you don't do this, your joy ids could change again further down the line, which would give you the same problem. The joy ids can change for different reasons, but usually due to disconnecting then re-connecting your usb device to a different port/hub.



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