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Hi all

I'm certain a few years back I bought FSUIPC but now I cannot find the registration info.

My issue is with SImmarket, somehow my IP address has an issue with their server etc therefore I am unable to buy from their site.

Is there another site I can purchase FSUIPC?

Any help will be highly appreciated.





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33 minutes ago, Kiran1971 said:

Is there another site I can purchase FSUIPC?

No, it is SimMarket exclusive, except for an old Japanese version which was sold in Japan (I don't think it still is).

By "IP address" do you really mean email address? If so, how did you post here which needs registering using your email address. This is a SimMarket/Simflight website (it is the one company).

Try creating yourslef as a new user for SimMarket, then post a "ticket" reporting the difficulty you are having and asking for a resolution. you'll need to give your previous email address and password.



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Thanks Pete for your reply.

The email is fine, just Simmarket have stopped me using my card for a reason they haven't given. The only other alternative is cash....and who pays by cash nowadays!!!!

Simmarket really do restrict people and without any valid explanation.

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