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EasyJet new and old livery


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We have 2 liveries for EasyJet inside the game now. Old one from texture pack12 (orange/white) and newer from texture pack 16,17 (white/orange).
As there is two liveries and 2 kind of a same airline, as EZY and EZS (EasyJet Switzerland) there is a magic tweak or possibility to assign old one to EZY and new one to EZS.
Currently EasyJet have most of old livery in use and EZS have a new planes with newer livery. So more diversion while controlling is always welcome. 
EZY-U2 old livery will be shown and for EZS-DS a new livery.

Go to \Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks and add some zeros. That way TexturesPacks will load in correct order except LEBL and EGKK, which will pick only missing livery without overwriting existing ones before release. 



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Hi it is possible to do that by changing the code in the "[icao]_schedule.txt" file for the specific airport you want to see the diversity.

You would need to look up the code from the "[icao]_airlines.txt" file.

In the schedule file the code is in this format:


//dep iata,arr iata,aircraft,airline,fl no,arr time,dep time,duration,codeshare

For example:


LAS,LAX,E75, OO,3203,12:00,14:59,1, OO
LAS,YVR,73H, WS,1889,12:00,14:58,1, WS

Taken from KLAS and looking up the codes in the airline.txt file you can see that WN is Southwest and OO is Skywest.

I would assume that the code for the different liveries will be different but I am unsure. If it is the same airline code for each livery, then I'm afraid it will not be possible to select which livery is used and it will probably be just random.

PS: Highly recommend the use of custom schedules:


hmmm no Ben yet - He must be a asleep :D

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