About STB Betas: Betas offer “leading edge” changes and are the fastest way to get new functions and bug fixes. Compared to “official updates” they may have received slightly less testing with an ongoing effort to bring testing up to "Official Update" standards. The risks are small but should be understood, and I'm here to help with any beta issues.   It’s highly valuabled to us when people try betas, and report their experiences as they wish. Here's the next beta update for STB for Prepar3D V4, the first of 2019 with the following changes since the last official update: Summary of Changes in V4.2.2019.08800 Added name and location of the simulator Traffic BGL file supplying each flight to the flight details dialogue. Added content support for Alpha India Group (AIG) “One Click Installer”, covering all airlines suitable for the OCI up to March 2019. Update Make Runways utilities to V4.8.7.1. Fixed bug which ignored flight plans described in a schedule BGL file where the file extension (BGL) is in upper case. Fixed bug that caused mismatches between materialized flights and predicted flights where the aircraft title > 32 characters. We now support titles up to 64 characters. Fixed various problems with reporting blank, null or whitespace-based paths occurring in simulator configuration files, to the content error reporting system.          Fixed exception generated when a keyword=value pair occurring in a simulator configuration file contains a value which itself contains one or more equals signs. Fix problem where STB operated aircraft would not go through departure workflow. Fix incorrectly calculated next departure flight schedule time in flight details dialogue. Deprecation of the majority of legacy UT2 code.   You can download the STB Client update from here:  http://bit.ly/2WqI7fe And the STB Data Server combined update and installer from here (only required on the Prepar3D computer when running STB Client on a separate computer: http://bit.ly/2HLpdfT Simon