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How is the Session Time (session stats) calculated?


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Hi all,

If someone knows the answer to this it would be brilliant.

You know at the end when you finish a session, on the session stats screen there is a "Session Time".

How is this calculated? Assuming the "in-game" means it is the total time of the session?

And, the important question here; if someone had paused the session (command panel pause button), does the session time pause as well or does it include this in the session time?

Query is related to the multiplayer pro challenge we have running currently as a few members are wanting to have this as a SP event as well. So I am trying to find a way to make sure that players are not "cheating" by pressing the command panel pause button.

Many thanks in advance :)

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Don't know the definitive answer Pete but from what I have seen the session time DOES NOT stop when you hit pause.

It keeps rolling until you end the session from my experience but I am sure there are more intelligent guru's out there with the actual answer.


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Did a little test. Actually, a couple of tests.

The Session Time starts as soon as the airport is loaded and then it gets weird.

With my Windows user for T!3Dpro, U.S. English, game started as admin, the time continues to run when the game is paused and that accurately. If you press ESC and then click CONTINUE, the game time seems to run slower in the meantime.

With my default Windows user, native language, T!3Dpro not running as admin, the time stops when the pause icon or ESC is pressed. If the game, with this account, is executed as admin, the time continues in the pause, but stops when ESC is pressed, until the game is resumed with CONTINUE.

What is good is that the session time could not be manipulated by changing the system time. Otherwise, as the name suggests, every possibility of counting the time seems to be a possibility.

Edit: For the challenge a video proof may be needed! 😉

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