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Assistance for programing joystick buttons

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once we setup and confirm the new parameters is it recorded or do we need to install again at every P3D lauching,

All keypress and button assignments should be recorded by FSUIPC.

You should only need to program the buttons/keys once. After that, every time you load P3D, FSUIPC will automatically load in the assignments and they should work as before.


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Hello Paul,


Thank you but when i load a PMDG aircraft i got 40% of N1 whatever the plane(737/777/747) any idea how to fix this issue please?


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Hi Mac,

It sounds like you have something assigned to the throttles. Maybe a joystick assignment? This could be set in FSUIPC or in P3D.

If you're assigning Joysticks in FSUIPC then make sure they are turned off in P3D.

Open your FSUIPC.ini file in your modules folder and look for anything assigned to a Throttle control under the [Axis] and [Buttons] sections. Here is an example from mine...

0=0X,256,D,9,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Throttle1 }-
1=0Y,256,D,10,0,0,0    -{ DIRECT: Throttle2 }-

If you find something, try deleting that line from the .ini file. (Make a backup first).

If none of this helps then it's best to ask Pete in the main support forum. I'm not an expert on using FSUIPC to assign controls.


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