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Hi Again,

I am currently playing LAX and I thought about some more aircraft movements. I use to work for United Airlines in LAX as a Ramp Controller. No body has ever given to aircraft movements under tow. Especially in the early morning you have plenty of movements from the Hanger to their various gate assignments. Sounds easy? But when your alley is full of pushes and your tow is blocking the FAA guys taxiway. It can hit the fan.

Developers, can you add aircraft movements as I described?

Has anyone also thought about occcassional military cargo/transport craft making an appearance?

Just suggestions, but it would make things even more realistic.

Cheers All


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8 hours ago, FeelThere said:


Are you talking about moving airplanes between gates and various other ramp positions (such as the QFAs at KLAX)?

There is some cargo traffic in Real Traffic already.


Not at LAX - there is no cargo traffic in Real Traffic because, sadly, there are no cargo gates defined at LAX. If we want a little cargo traffic, we have to use a custom schedule and "hijack" the very few GA gates available.

Additionally, the OP appears to be inquiring about towing operations which have been discussed (by you and others) for a couple of years now.




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Yes it makes things a little more challenging at LAX, JFK etc. Movements are slow but its part of the airport experience. Add the challenge cause there is plenty of empty hanger ramps where aircraft overnight. I will read your old topic. thanks


Last, Flow control. Especially from LAX to SFO. weather up in the Bay area really would effect or gate space. I would try to find places for the departures to sit and wait their turn to take off. Sitting them on the gate with inbound arrivals is not an option. We parked them sometimes inremote parking to wait their slot. Flow control is not fun. But it makes challenges?

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forgot an idea
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