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Registration not working despite valid key

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Greetings Pete,

I have been a long time registered user of FSUIPC, and have always appreciated your tireless efforts to improve this wonderful utility. I have recently moved and also have a new flight sim computer, so I have had to reinstall all my flight sim software. When I try to register the latest version of FSUIPC, version 5.151, after entering my registration details, it tells me my key is invalid. I was of the understanding that if I was a paid user, that my registration was good for the life of FSUIPC. Is that not the case? I can provide you with my registration details, but I am not sure if you want those posted directly here or sent to you privately. Please advise as to how I should proceed so that I can once again enjoy the great features of FSUIPC.




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If your key is for FSUIPC5, then it should work. FSUIPC5 is a different product to FSUIPC4 and requires a separate key.

If your key is for FSUIPC5, please make sure the details are exactly the same as in your registration email that you received from SimMarket.




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Okay, thank you. I did not realize that FSUIPC 5 is a separate purchase. I have been using P3D v4 for over a year and thought that I had FSUIPC upgraded from 4 to 5 and my registration had worked for that, but I guess not. My key is indeed for FSUIPC 4. Was version 4 never working in P3d v4? Not sure where I got confused on this matter.

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