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Gear Toggle in P3D4

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I have a question about button settings in FSUPIC 5.151 in P3D4.

I had a button on my Sytek Flight Yoke System to send a "Gear Toggle" control when it was pressed, like so:


The problem is that the button raises the gear when it is pressed and lowers the ger when it is released. In FSX it behaves differently, I believe. Instead, pressing the button toggles between raised and lowered, and releasing the button does nothing. (This is under version 4 for FSX.)

To make this work as expected in P3D4 I reprogramed the button to send the G key instead like this:


This is okay, but not an ideal solution for me because I like to avoid programming keys in P3D4 for this kind of thing. (I like to reserve keys for external utility apps like ChasePlane for example.)

Is there a setting in P3D4 or FSUPIC to make the Gear Toggle control work as expected?

Thanks for your input.

Gil Yoder


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Hi Gil,

I'm not sure I understand your problem. Button 7 on the Saitek flight yoke is spring loaded (no?) and  sends a button press when pushed to the right and a release event when released. You have programmed the gear toggle for the press only, so the press will activate the control and the release does nothing. So, each time you activate it it will toggle between gear up/down on the button press and do nothing on the release. I therefore don't understand what you mean by 'and lowers the ger when it is released'.

Maybe you can activate 'Button and key operations' and 'Events (from non-axis controls)  in the logging tab so that you can see what is actually being sent on both the press and release. If FSUIPC isn't sending anything on the release, check you don't have controllers enabled in P3D. Please post  your log + ini file once generated and I'll take a look.

Btw, is this with a default aircraft or an add-on? If an add-on, please try with a default aircraft first.





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John, thanks for your reply. While trying to answer your questions and get more information about the problem, I found the error on my own, and it was entirely my fault.

I didn't know that I had programmed P3D4 to respond to the same button to toggle the gear extension and retraction. Of course, the button was not working because each key press resulted in the gear being toggled twice.

The press and hold behavior I described occurred when I once tried sending the control upon release of the button. So, pressing the button toggled the state due to P3D configuration, and releasing the button toggled the state due to FSUIPC configuration.

I thought I had cleared out all of the P3D button definitions, but apparently this is one that I missed.

Sorry for the false report.


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