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I am running the latest version of STB on FSX.  I have traffic files in both 'World\Scenery' and also in 'Addon Scenery\AIG Flight Plans\Scenery' 

The AIG folder has been added to my Scenery.cfg.  This gives me the ability to enable\disable the AIG traffic files so I can do some testing of flight plans I have compiled with AIFP and placed in the World\Scenery folder.

No issues, except that even if AIG traffic files are disabled in Scenery.cfg,  the flights still show in STB

I'm guessing that STB doesn't use the Scenery.cfg as it's driver, if so how would it be finding disabled traffic files?  Does STB parse the whole FSX directory in search of traffic files?  If so, does it do it every time STB loads, just one, etc.



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10 hours ago, flying-w said:

STB does use the scenery.cfg, and then we only read those BGLs containing AI traffic schedules.  Have you recompiled the STB airport database following the changes you've made to your BGL collection?


Yes, but since STB scans for traffic files my unchecking the entry in Scenery.cfg would have no effect.  It appears that I have to physically move the AIG Flight Plans folder out of the Addon Scenery path so STB doesn't find the files.

It's what I suspected. 

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No we can't instantly respond to a change in the scenery.cfg without airport compilation, simply because the scenery library is so massive for most people and the only way to find a traffic BGL is to open it and read the content. As you will know, the BGL covers a wide number of scenery formats in FSX and beyond, which is a shame really as a simple filename convetion could have made it so much better.

In any case, after making any change to your scenery library I recommend compiling the airport database.  If that's too much, then certainly after making any change affecting traffic schedules.


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