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I'm developing a little software with environment sounds, but I'm stock with two of them.

I would like to have turbulence and rain sounds.

For Turbulence, I would like to play a sound every time the airplane "shakes". For the rain, play a loop sound, but only when the rain hit's the cockpit "below the clouds".


I've Active Sky 4, so does anyone know what offsets can I use to achieve this? I've used 0x0E88 and 0x0E98 for turbulence, but doesn't give me the expected result. For the rain, doesn't have a single idea.

Is there any API of AS4 to achieve this?


Thanks in advance.

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Active Skye ambient turbulence at aircraft is at offset 8638, and precipitation at 8640. From the offsets documentation, ActiveSky  offsets are:

8638 4 ActiveSky needed: Ambient turbulence at aircraft (0-1000), 32-
bit float
863C 4 ActiveSky needed: Exported ambient visibility (metres), 32-bit
float (-ve if not supported)
8640 41 ActiveSky needed: Exported precipitation type (0 none, 1 rain, 2
snow, 3 hail), 8-bit integer (Byte)
8641 41 ActiveSky needed: Exported precipitation rate (0-4), 8-bit
integer (Byte)
8642 41 ActiveSky needed: In cloud flag (non-zero if aircraft is in cloud),

** the byte offsets (8640, 8641, 8642) are 1 byte not 4 (obviously!) - I'll correct the documentation for this [I did strikethrough the incorrect '4' size above, but the strikethrough is not so obvious on that number!] **



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Hi John,


Thanks a lot for the quick reply. 

I've search in Active Sky docs and in the WX radar facilities docs and didn't notice this information in the offsets documentation.


Now I know where to start :D


About the offsets length, yes, they are bytes. 

Once again, thank you for the help.

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