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PFC Pro rudder USB problem

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I'm perplexed by an issue I am having. I have a flight deck solution 737 sim with pilot and co-pilot positions. My problem is the rudder pedals. I have two of the same rudder pedals but only one works when plugged into the usb port. The second one does not calibrate or show movement within Windows when plugged in. Now, whats even more strange is that when I downloaded PFC's test program and run it, the rudder works well but still does not move in Windows device manager. Any ideas?

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Is the device recognised by windows as a joystick device? If so, it should be recognised by FSUIPC. Can you see the device in the FSUIPC assignment or calibration tab? If so, can you see any movement registered?

If you disconnect the working rudder pedals, and connect the "non-working" set only,  does this make a difference?

Maybe you can post your ini and log files, but it sounds like its more of a question for PFC support.



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The device is recognized by windows as a joystick when it is plugged in, however it does not make movement when calibrating. I believe it is a PFC support issue but I wanted to see if anyone else ever ran into this type of issue first. It does not work when plugged into the working rudder side which makes me think it may be within the electronics of the pedals. As I noted earlier, they do show movement when I run PFC's (stand alone) test program that I downloaded from their web page. 


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PFC's test program could be using direct USB decoding not available to the generic Windows drivers. You could try the HidScanner to see what that that sees/reports. Its available from Download Links -> Useful additional programs section.
But I think you'd be better off asking on the FDS or PFC forums/support - or maybe over on avsim.


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