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use of some codes

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16 minutes ago, oldpop said:

looking at the FSUIPC codes (non SS)

Before we go on, what do you mean by "FSUIPC codes (non SS)"?   Where exactly are you looking?

17 minutes ago, oldpop said:

SEVERAL codes for "HOSTA-KEY-XX:, " HOSTA - SLEW X/Y" AND "HOSTA-KEY X/Y" How are they used?

I don't know, sorry. What are they? What's a "HOSTA"?



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9 hours ago, oldpop said:

should be  HOTAS

Well, I still don't know what "non-SS" is intended to mean, but I have just looked through the document listing the currently available controls (a PDF in your FSUIPC Documents folder), and do see a lot of "HOTAS ..." controls. Those are new to me, but they should equate to controls you can assign in P3D -- though P3D assignment facilities won't use the actual names (as FSUIPC does). It uses a description instead.

FSUIPC obtains that list from the sim -- it does add some of its own, including ones for handling and Lua plug-ins and Macro files it finds in the folder, but the ones obtained from the sim do whatever the sim determines them to do -- so that should be covered in the sim's help or documentation.

The quickest way to see what a control does is usually to try it. Of course you'd have to be in a situation and with an aircraft which will actually allow it to do something.

Sorry I can't be of more help on this. If don't even know what "HOTAS" means -- something to do with fighters or bombers?



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